I was running my usual psychic development class and my guides urged me to ask everyone how they were “FEELING?” …. At the moment we have The Olympics going on in our Country and this is transmitting a great deal of attention to us in the UK.

    Mothers watching their children of all ages doing well and they are looking at them with pride and its making their hearts sing. We are watching the look on these people’s faces and seeing the joy in their achievements, knowing how hard they have worked to get to this level.

    I also asked if everyone in the group was “FEELING MORE!” becoming “MORE SENSITIVE”. The answer was a yes all around.

    This has brought me to another thought pattern when you look back over the events of 2011 and 2012, connecting to the Chakra’s in our body.



    Event: Recession then double recession…. This Event has made everyone think more about what they are spending how they earn money, when their money will get better. There has been anger from losing jobs, and resentment at workers coming from different countries and taking jobs from them. There was a real heavy feeling coming from the lack of money. The bankers have not helped with this as they have been caught out taking money from the working people and not being open and truthful. The Politicians have made us feel very angry also because of the expenses shame.

    All of this has kick started our Survival Instinct…. Our animal instinct…. It has brought about the need to fight back and not give in. We are worth fighting for.


    After the above events and the anger died down … we then turned these fears into comforting our loved ones. Regaining our security and cherishing what we have. We became aware of all the things we do have and not concentrating so much on what we don’t have. I can see a community starting to take shape and people are learning to work together. There is now a need for us to buy local produce. To support our local shops. To work together when there has been times or hardship. I have seen more and more people coming together to do more fund raising off their own backs and to use the tools like the internet to bring this into a more global awareness.

    Communication…. The Sacral Chakra Vibrating and evolving…… Nurturing and looking after what we DO have.


    At this point with all of this love that is building for our community and from family / friends we are now opening up to our inner most feelings. We are noticing that we can’t keep going around hurting one another. We are finding that we can’t be around people who are not on the same sort of Vibrational energy as us. There will be people that are on such a low vibration that they physically make you ill to be around. They can cause depression and a sense of annoyance. If people are like this within your work place people are even leaving their jobs .. even their well paid jobs… People who are living in London and have lifted their Vibrational energy to such an extent will not be able to cope with the heavy energy that London brings. Smiling at others and having people think you are some sort of weirdo for just smiling or saying good morning will not be any good for you. In relationships unfortunately there will be the same sort of changes.

    Not wanting to be around or spend time with partners who have dark energy or deeply angry vibration, you will need to move away from / disconnect from and sometimes even severe ties with. Its all part of the ascension, which will be partly out of your control. The speed in which you change your life will be yours but this is happening more and more I find when I am doing my readings.

    Intolerance to negative / angry people … places … energy…. Moving on


    Which leads us to this lovely HEART Chakra and this is where we all find our self. Watching the Olympics… FEELING MORE AND MORE…. SENSING other people’s emotions and their fears… Soaking up and giving out more and more love…. More than you ever have. The heart chakra at the moment is vibrating and evolving not just with us but with everyone all around the world.

    Uplifting hearts… and our inner souls… connecting with peace and love.

    This is the stage that we are up to right now…. Soon enough we will be brought into the next two important stages of our ascensions…….



    I feel very strongly that we are not being told the truth…. I have questions….

     What happened to us back in Egyptian times. One moment we couldn’t even communicate properly with words and living very primitively and the next moment we are building pyramids and structures without any real tools (none found) that are still standing now and also we would find very hard to create with all our knowledge now.

     Was something changed in our DNA. If so why and who interfered with this?

     Where did all the Ancient Mayans go?

     Is there really an Atlantis?

     Why did the bible have pieces missing and why hide them away. What did it say?

     What are these religions worried about?

     We want to know the truth….

    I can see that we will be asking too many questions. The truth will come out about all of the mysteries that have happened in our history. I can see there being a trigger that will start this open knowledge flowing into our lives and when it does we will be speaking out about how this can have been hidden. What gave these people the right and there may be a time of chaos on the streets. I can see that there will be another fall in the financial world. We may see a complete structure of our money system but I rejoice when this happens as we have been living in a far too materialistic manner.

    Asking questions… getting the truth…. Not being controlled with fear and disillusionment any more. Making your own minds up and speaking out against in justice.


    We would have gotten through all of this openness and for a little while I feel there will be people going back to the Base Chakra… Fear… Anger… Resentment… Breaking down barriers and control…. After this there will be an element of insecurities. What do I believe now… where are my boundaries…. I used to live under the bracket of “Religion”. But to a degree I have been lied to by these heads of our Religion. Who and where do I go from here?

    This is the time that WE ALL NEED TO COME TOGETHER… We need to find a harmony… We need to BLEND OUR ENERGIES… with no restrictions … with no strict hard rules on how we should treat others who are different… Who think differently…. There will be more tolerance and acceptance in peoples thoughts allowing everyone to grow as fast or as slow as they wish. NO JUDGEMENT … NO SET FENCING that you have to stick behind or else you are not welcome.

    Lets go back to basic’s … TREAT OTHERS AS YOU WISH TO BE TREATED…. If you don’t want someone to treat you badly then you know that this isn’t the way to treat others around you. BASIC POLITE BEHAVIOUR .. LOVE THY NEIGHBOUR .. FRIEND .. FAMILY MEMBER… ACCEPT CHANGE and GO WITH THE FLOW! …Set a good example to our Children…. Who will then set a good example to their children…. WE NEED THIS KICK UP THE JACKSEE…. BRING IT ON I SAY!!! LOL


    When speaking to people now you will FEEL their emotions…. You will sense their DISCOMFORT… You will KNOW when they need you to back away and when to step forward to comfort them… To take chances in life will be led by your GUT FEELINGS and not just logic… We will be able to use TELEPATHY as easy as breathing in and out…. We will be able to SEE, SENSE OR FEEL spirit. We will work alongside our SPIRIT GUIDES to HEAL, HELP AND ENERGISE… People, Flowers, Pets, Homes…. We will feel truly at one with MOTHER EARTH, THE HEAVENS and EVERY LIVING THING THAT WE COME INTO CONTACT WITH.

    The Celestine Prophecy talks about THE 9 INSIGHTS …. The Ninth insight says…. “We Participate in the long journey of evolution from the Big Bang to life’s ultimate goal: to energise our bodies, generation by generation, “UNTIL WE WALK INTO A HEAVEN WE CAN FINALLY SEE HERE ON EARTH5!”

    I for one am looking forward to the changes and embrace each stage of our ascension.

    Exciting times….xx Blessings Ali xx