• Navigating lifes roundabouts

    Life is like a motorway with lots of twists, turns, roundabouts, pot holes and road works! How we deal with life’s pot holes determines our unique personality, with its weaknesses and strengths.

    We all come across roundabouts (choices) in our life, and this indicates that we are about to learn a lesson. We then need to decide whether we feel ready to get off at the next turning or continue to go around again, just to make sure that we understand the lesson. At times we may make excuses, as to why we feel the need to go round again (road works/re-runs or procrastination). This usually comes in the form of the following excuses:-

    - He/she might change!

    - I can’t rock the boat now, as I can’t afford the consequences!

    - It would upset too many other people to change how things are so I won’t make this decision!

    - It’s not that bad really; I’ll just put up with it and see if it gets better on its own!

    - Because of work, I’m too busy to deal with my emotional problems maybe next week/month/year!

    There are many, many more excuses just like these! (I’m sure you’ve used a few or you may be using them right now?)

    This isn’t at all wrong, and this isn’t a sign of weakness, it just indicates that the lessons involved at this time in your life haven’t fully been mastered yet. On the other hand if someone is avoiding learning the lessons that occur over and over again then they will have to face the same lesson again and again until they are ready to move forward. Emotional lessons if not learnt properly will keep re-occurring even with different partners or different situations. Even with work colleagues. When these things happen they may not be recognised as anything to do with our lessons and look around for other people to blame because that is less painful than looking within ourselves.


    Guilt and hatred are destructive and sole destroying emotions and whether it is the reader, the client or someone linked to the client, it would be beneficial for all concerned to help dispel some of the pain involved.

    To begin this process you will need to go back into the childhood/past of all parties concerned within the dilemma. You will usually pick up that there has been a lack of love, respect, rejection or instability that is creating this insecurity and/or anger.

    This will then turn into a power struggle as an adult and a need to drain other people’s energy to boost their own self confidence or ego. This is done in various levels; some very subtly and with others can end up like energy vampires, depleting other people’s power which in turn leaves them feeling less in control, insecure and confused as to what actually happened.

    So we need to turn this insecurity before it affects other people into looking within, learning how we got or they got to this emotional place and then move forward without these destructive emotions. If we have been hurt or mistreated by a person displaying these insecurities we may be creating our own feelings of hate and anger towards them. f we see this behaviour in other people we may need to work on our own form of forgiveness in order to leave this behind. If this is too painful or they have hurt us too deeply then at least think of them in this manner; looking deeper we will clearly see that this is a lonely pathway that they are on and they can’t be fully content and happy.

    So even if we can’t forgive we need to for a brief moment think how it would feel to not be able to experience unconditional love let alone give it to another person. Deep down this person will feel unworthy of this kind of love and will have huge barriers up around themselves for their own safety/security.

    If we are seeing this pattern within ourselves then we need to go to the source before it affects any more people connected to us. The way to do this is to look at the point of change. We aren’t just born with these emotions, our birth sign only really tells us how we are likely to react to the ups and downs of life initially, its how we end up dealing with them on a long term basis that this the key to being a happy person no matter what your birth sign is the power is within yourself and within the now.

    Remember we can choose to play the part of being a Victim or a Survivor! The choice is ours at the end of the day.

    If we can be a more balanced person we can give much better Tarot Readings and with the help of our Spirit Guides and teachers this is within our reach.

    Ali x