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Claire Edwards D.S.N.U.

Spiritualist Medium, Psychic, Teacher, Speaker and Writer.


Claire has been aware of the Spirit world since she was little, however life and growing up meant that these gifts were to be explored and developed when the time was right.


It was after a somewhat rebellious phase as a teenager that Claire was finally able to follow her dream and began a successful career in film and television, working on programmes such as the BBC’s “Doctors” and ITV’s “Rebus”.  


Claire worked on the James Bond film “The World Is Not Enough” with Pierce Brosnan, Johnny Depp’s “From Hell” and the Wesley Snipes film “Blade 2”.  


It was while working in the Czech Republic that Claire’s gifts, namely her clairsentience (being aware of the feelings and emotions of others), became more impossible to ignore.


Realising that she did not belong in an industry where egos are the size of mountains and the belief that money and fame are the only things of value in life, Claire resigned, to the horror of her parents, and returned to England.  Homeless, jobless and with no idea of what to do with her life now that her childhood dream had been shattered.


This period of time led to much soul searching and following the passing of her Grandfather, Claire found her way back to the Herne Bay Spiritualist Church that she had attended when she was a younger.


In 2006 Claire went on the first of many courses to study mediumship and Spiritualism at the world famous Arthur Findlay College for the Advancement of Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences.  


Claire studied at the college for 8 years, as well as other Spiritual centres throughout the UK.  Claire is fortunate to have been taught by some of the best mediums in the world, following on from the teachings of the renowned Gordon Higginson.


Claire has been a working medium since 2008 and has been taking her own circles and workshops helping others to discover and develop their own mediumistic abilities ever since.


Claire is an award holder of The Spiritualist National Union.  The Diploma Claire has is one not often awarded due to the amount of studying that is required and the array of subjects covered in the coursework and final assessment.    Subjects include the mechanics of mediumship, Spiritualism and the philosophy of World religions and the history of Spiritualism, to name a few.


Claire’s knowledge is extensive and her experiences are numerous.  Claire has been on a 10 day silent retreat to learn the ancient Buddhist technique of meditation - Vipassana.  During this time there was no communication with anyone else at all and participants practiced 8 to 9 hours of meditation a day. She has witnessed genuine physical mediumship with ectoplasm and has seen the Spirit of Freddie Mercury during a séance!


Claire is well known at Spiritualist churches and centres in Kent and outskirts of London for her inspirational addresses and philosophical speaking.


Claire has a monthly column in The Psychic World Newspaper called “The Promise of the Joy to Come”.  Each month she writes about the issues facing people, Spiritualists and the world today.


Claire has also been the main celebrant at one wedding and two funerals and has been complimented on her professional and loving words during the ceremonies.


During a reading with Claire, you will feel the loving embrace of your family and friends passed to the Spirit world once more.  Claire is one of the links to the Spirit world and with her Spirit guides her evidence is highly accurate and provable.


Claire is able to give guidance and spiritual assessment during readings to those whom are working with or developing their own spiritual gifts.


Claire is blessed to work both psychically and mediumistically, mainly working with the spiritual senses known as “The Clairs”.


CLAIRVOYANCE – clear seeing – able to see and perceive energy, people, places and images given by those in the Spirit world to provide evidence of their survival after “death”.


CLAIRSENTIENCE – clear feeling – able to pick up the emotions of others, both “living” and “dead”


CLAIRAUDIENCE – clear hearing – able to hear the voices and sounds of those in the Spirit world


CLAIRKNOWING – clear knowing – the ability for those in the Spirit world to convey information telepathically – so the medium “just knows” the information


CLAIRGUSTANCE – clear tasting – the sensation of eating or tasting food to convey a memory from those in the Spirit world


CLAIROLFACTORY – clear smelling – when with no direct source our family and friends or the Spirit world can manifest a smell to evoke memories in those around.


If you would like to know more about the workshops, circles and events that Claire is taking at Guiding Angels please contact her on 07888 737 485 or 01227 367508

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Like all our 'Angels' Claire adheres to our own Code of Conduct and has our Seal of Approval.

Claire Edwards

Platform Medium



What you will get from a reading with me is Guidance, Positivity, Communication from Family & Friends. also a Spiritual Assessment for developing / working Psychics / Mediums


FACE TO FACE in The Guiding Angels Shop, 84 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay, Kent  CT6 5PS

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or from my home in Herne Bay... £25.00 for a 30 minute consultation


Claire is able to travel for private group readings.

If there are 5 or more people paying £20 for a 20 min Reading then the Hostess goes free.

If outside of the CT Postal Area then the Readings are £20 each



TELEPHONE READINGS (by prior agreement)

£30.00 for 45 - 60 mins consultation



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£30.00 for 45 - 60 mins consultation



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