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Contact No.  07845 120874

Based in Dover, Kent


About me ...

Hostess goes FREE with 5 or more

Friends paying £15 each

for the CT postal area £20 for

outside the CT area.


To book your party either

daytime or evening contact me:

07845 120874



GENERAL £25  (30 mins)  approx

INDEPTH  £30  (1 hour)  approx

You will get....



£15  (20 mins)  approx

£25  (30 mins)  approx


Text Jamie to arrange a reading. (please note these

may not always be instant readings)



£5.00    1 month future

£10.00   2 month future

£15.00   3 month future

£25.00   6 month future

£30.00   6 month indepth future    


Please be aware ....

How it works:

1. Once I receive your payment 2. I will contact you within

48 hours.

3. I will work on your reading as soon as I can and once completed I will either email it

or whatsapp it over to you depending on your preference.

4. Your reading will be recorded for you to open on your phone or on your computer.

£10 Email £15 Email £25 Email £30 Email £15 Tel £25 Tel

I didn’t know for certain that I had a gift until I joined the psychic development group run by Ali at Guiding Angels Psychic Academy. She helped me realise that I did have a gift and I have had it for a long time, I just never realised as I was fighting this part of myself.  All I needed was guidance to feel more confident.  

Since I was little I can recall many happenings around me from, hearing footsteps in the house, appliances being turned on without being plugged in and many other paranormal experiences.

When I was about 12 years old I helped my Dad move some heavy concrete which caused me to ache a little.  While I was out with my parents the following day a little old lady approached me and asked me if I was hurting?  I did not know what to say as I did not know this woman.  She then explained that a friend of hers who had passed away sends signals to her indicating people who are not well, in pain, injured etc.  Well, she told me that I had a Star on my cheek.  I instantly put my hand up to my face obviously feeling nothing, she then explained that only she can see them.  This lady gave me advice and helped ease my pain.

I believe that everyone has that instinct in them when you know something isn’t right, or you feel like you are being watched etc. I feel this, and I also feel I see shadows within my peripheral vision.  When I feel spirits are around me my ear starts to heat up.  I have developed the skill in Tarot Reading.  I would love to start learning the Runes and in the future, I will incorporate these with my readings.

Before I decided to read professionally as a Psychic Tarot Reader I have attended all workshops required to build my confidence and still currently attend Ali’s Psychic Development Class. My readings have had such a positive response which brings me a strong feeling of love and joy.

As a person I feel I am outgoing, caring and empathic. I take life as it comes, and I am quite realistic when it comes to how other people live their lives.  I am not judgemental, and I feel that I am a very good confidant.  I love my family and my friends.  Life to me is about happiness, and I am at my happiest when others are also happy.


I am available for one to one readings, email readings,

over the phone readings and also party bookings.

My Prices

If you require the more indepth reading then

you will get more details within your beginning, middle & end of each month prediction.

£5 Email

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