LESSON 8 MEDIUMSHIP & PSYCHOMETRY You will receive - Video Tutorial, Worksheets, Flash Cards, Mediumship Pack which will teach you more ways to use Psychometry (Reading Jewellery) to connect to your client. THIS LESSON £45 inc p&p


ENHANCHING YOUR MEDIUMSHIP & PSYCHOMETRY In this pack you will receive:- A Video Tutorial that will help you to plan out this interesting lesson for yourself or for yourself and friends. I believe that this Psychic Gift uses a different part of the brain than you would of been using Clairvoyantly. Using various different techniques you can start to connect with the spirit world as they do wish to connect with us. It is not like a telephone link where you are guaranteed to get through to your chosen loved one. The chances are they will be very keen to communicate with you but if this communication will hinder your own/their own grieving process then they are likely to stay back a while until the time is right. When the time is right and the communicateion happens for yourself or through you for someone else then this is the correct time. It is used as a comfort for both of you to let go a little and move forward. We should always be respectful that these loved ones have had to try so hard to lower their vibrations in order to talk to us and for us to heighten our vibration to meet with the spirit world. Its a beautiful gift in my opinion. I have been watching and studying different forms of mediumship over 28 years and teaching on various levels for over 20 years. I will include Worksheets, technique packs and information that will help you and your guides come up with the best format for you both to give Mediumship readings in a sincere and loving manner. PSYCHOMETRY READINGS Using Jewellery or objects that have the residue of energy still attached to them of a person that you wish to read for or about, this can be yourself or a client. Some ancient objects will have good or bad energy and sometimes require cleansing which I will show you how to do within this video / work pack. Holding an object you can start either feeling what the personality behind the object has / had been feeling or maybe what this persons intensions have been, or how this person obtained this particular object and why. So much can be achieved by using this form of mediumship. FOR INFORMATION ON HOW TO USE THESE TOOLS WITH A VIDEO TUTORIAL PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK TO PURCHASE THIS PACK.

With this Online teaching pack you will receive a video tutorial via email. Also you will receive a variety of teaching techniques and tools which will give you what you need to enhance your psychic and clairvoyant gifts. Each task will take you closer and closer to your goal.