Mediumship Consultation

Mediums have the psychic gift to make direct contact with a loved one - they do not however have control on who comes through.

They will make contact and will either describe the person or give a name - if they are given one. They then pass on the message as it is given to them, without any interpretation.

Our readers use psychometry in order to gain a link –so will require to hold an item which belongs to you.

A medium consultation is often an emotional experience and all our mediums work in a gentle caring ethical way.

If you require a reading to tell you your past, present and future you need to have a Tarot Clairvoyant reading.

Trance mediumship
You can also have a Trance Medium consultation via Elaine Thorpe. A trance medium works slightly differently in that they allow thier guides to use thier body in order to talk to you direct. Elaine guide Jonathan, will talk to you direct and pass on messages from the other side. This can be a very emotinal experience - even to just hear a mans voice come from a lady. This kind of consultation is not for everyone.