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I have always been sensitive and felt the emotions of others, and until I had started circle at the ripe ol’ age of 35 or something… I was unable to decipher which were my emotions and which were those of people around me.


My very first memorable visit from spirit was when I was 12, my Grandmother, who had passed before I was born, visited my sister and I whilst we slept.  I woke to see her standing in the doorway and although I was scared, I could clearly see an amazing soft white glow in the room and surrounding her.  I felt her love and a loving tingling sensation when she gently stroked the top of my head, something of which I still get to this day when she is with me.  I then watched her do the same to my sister who was in the bed next to me.  


Little did I know at the time, that this visit was a warning, as a week later I woke with an urgency and was immediately aware my sister was not breathing properly.  I ran to my mum’s room and woke her up, then stayed with my sister whilst my mother ran to the phone box (as we didn’t have a phone) and called the emergency services.  My sister had overdosed and almost died.  I am convinced that was Divine intervention in waking me.


My empathy was so strong between the ages of 12 and 16, I thought it was me and my feelings I was experiencing, especially as I was told not to be “so sensitive”.  This was not always a pleasant experience as the thoughts and feelings of others are not always of a loving nature and I was not living in a positive environment at the time.


I moved to Australia soon after and this is where I experienced my first “awake” spiritual experience at 16 when my boyfriend and I were in the kitchen at the back of the house and heard a very loud crash in the living room…he went to investigate and after a few moments of silence I then followed to find this big strapping rugby player boyfriend of mine in the middle of the room white as a ghost unable to move or say anything with all the most amazing tiny little sparkly lights all around him and in the room.  The room was glowing and I knew we had visitors from the Spirit realm.  It was his much loved Grandfather and Father who were relaying a message to me for my boyfriend but he was in so much of a shock all I could do was get him to sit down.  


That house was full of spirits and that was the moment I opened up.  No one else in the house experienced what I was, that house had a lot of history and a lot of sounds, smells and shadows and voices…some of which were a little unnerving to the young untrained me.


Luckily, my older brother (who had been soul searching) then took me to my first Spiritualist church in Melbourne and wow what a beautiful sight to behold…. these twinkling lights were just everywhere, and the hairs on my body were standing up and I was tingling all over, I was so mesmerised by the lights I asked my brother what they were and he looked at me like I had lost the plot, “What lights are you talking about?”


Off and on through the years, I read a few books on death, the afterlife, mediumship, astrology, numerology, runes and soul projection and tried a couple of things, like soul projecting… that was fun, but I could only manage to go around the building in which my body was sitting…. I did manage to enter other rooms but that was about it.  I would then have dreams in which I was floating and flying through the air over houses and visiting friends but as soon as I became consciously aware of what I was doing, I would be straight back in my body again.  I was untrained and didn’t have any clear direction or anyone who believed in such things…. it was all just stuff in books or in mind, so I gave up and became sceptical just like everyone else around me….


Until my thirties… I felt a strong pull to get a reading…something I had never done before, and my daughter had a friend whose mother was interested in all things holistic and spiritual, she helped me open the door to where I once stood fifteen years earlier, back into the Spiritualist churches… but this time instead of seeing the beautiful twinkling lights I was seeing things in my head before the medium would say it out loud to the audience… and this I thought was quite fun so I would go every week to see how many things I could see.  


I would then be having normal conversations with friends and go off on a different level of intelligence and be unaware of it…one night after a Spiritualist church meeting they announced a new beginner’s circle starting.  I was not sure I could do it, so my very dear friend signed me up and encouraged me to go…. And that as they say is how I began the professional journey which has been one of wonderment and growth on so many levels…..



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