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This one day workshop is designed for people who are totally new to the Tarot Cards or have lost confidence. This is equally good for people who have brought a new deck of cards and would

like a little help in geting to know their new deck.

I supply you with a step by step workbook which you get to keep

explaining everything that you will be taught.

I believe in simplifying things and to teach you just a little meaning for each card.

The suits, elements, astrology signs linking with the personalities are all part of this days teaching.


The Tarot Deck is made up of 78 Cards. Split into two main sections -

Major Arcana (22 Cards)

& The Minor Arcana (56 Cards)

Major Arcana - The Major Events in your life!  

The Minor Arcana - The Minor Events in your life.

Together they blend to tell you the story of your life. Past, Present & Future.


Split into 4 Main Sections - Cups (Chalices) Pentacles (Coins) Wands (Batons) Swords.

Sometime they name these differently but they should all link to Elements.

Cups - Element of Water    Pentacles - Element of Earth    

Wands - Element of Fire     Swords - Element of Air

Each Section is split into two -  1st Section is Ace to Ten -

The Story of Cups - Love & Emotions.  Pentacles - Money and Security.  

Wands - Desire, Ambitions. Air - Thoughts and Ideas

2nd Section:  Personalities - Page or Princess   Knight   Queen   King



Cups  Page or Princess are always the raw energy of the Element ... e.g.  

Cups = Emotions - so if you describe a young or immature person with their

1st love - Naive / sensitive / looking through rose coloured glasses.  

Pentacles = Money & Security - So if you describe a young or immature person

with their 1st wage packet - Spend, Spend, Spend

Wands - Fire / Desire - So if you describe a young or immature person with

attitude of I want it and I don't want to do anything to get it. Sulky

Swords - Air - Thoughts & Ideas - So if you describe a young or immature

person with their 1st opinions & judgements of others.


The other 3 Personaliies within each section link to Astrology signs and each persons deck will be different and will link depending on what you see within your card.

The Elements stay the same though.

Cups = Water Signs - Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer

Pentacles = Earth Signs - Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo

Wands = Fire Signs - Sagitarius, Aries, Leo

Swords = Air Signs - Libra, Gemini, Aquarius



From the start of your journey of life (0 The Fool - Going wih a gut feeling or a hunch you step ino the unknown) to the End of your Journey (21 The World - Completion of issues that have seemed impossible to overcome have now been removed and all is well again)


LEVEL  2  

I will go through the meaning of each card briefly to see what you remember and then you will learn what these cards mean within a layout, what they mean when crossing one another. Learning connectibles is tricky but so worth while as your clairvoyance can start to develop more freely.



Within this one day course you will be able to real off what each card means on is own, connecting with the other cards quickly and efficiently. your clairvoyance will be put to the test and you will use the cards only as a back up to what your spirit guides and helpers are telling you.



You will be expected to look the part of a professional reader with table clothes and candles and something nice to look at when your clients (which we will find for you) come to see you for a reading. Although this seems scary you will be perfectly ready to try out your new skills on someone who you don't know.


If you would like to join myself Ali on a one day workshop please contact

me and I will let you know when the next course is.

These Workshops are held at: 84 Mortimer Street, Herne Bay, Kent, CT6 5PS

Add your name and mobile number to our mailing list and we can then let you

know when the next course starts ...


Workshop price is £30 (for CT Postal Area) includes lunch, paperwork, certificate & refreshments

Call / Text on: 07925 214754




Location:-  Herne Bay


Price:-  £30pp - includes lunch, refreshments

                            paperwork & certificates.

Tutor:-  Ali


Date:-  To be Confirmed


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Times:- 11am until 5.30pm

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Cosmic Tarot Deck by Norbert Losche

This is the deck Ali recommends for a first deck to help you learn, although other decks are great as well.

Make sure that each card in your chosen deck have a picture on them and not just 5 cups or 4 pentacles etc...