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What is Clairvoyance


I truly believe that we are all born with this and many other Psychic Gifts. It’s up to us within our lifetime to decide whether we will enhance these Gifts. As with anything in life we need to work on our Gifts / Abilities to make them stronger and this is a

choice we can all make.


Clairvoyance – Clear Seeing – Clear Vision


The term clairvoyance (from the French Clair meaning “clear” and voyance meaning “vision”) is used to describe the ability to receive information about an object, person, location or physical event through the art of Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP). If you have this ability you would be referred to as a Clairvoyant (“one who sees clearly”)


Clairaudience – Hearing / Listening to Spirit


From the late 17th Century the word Clairaudience came from French word Clair (Clear) and Audience (Hearing). The ability to hear in a Paranormal sense. We can all learn techniques to help develop this Gift but there are some that find this easier than others. Sometimes we can really hear spirit voices and sometimes we are hearing spirit voices within our mind.


Clairsentience – Feeling / Touching


This is ESP when a person Feeling Touches from the Spirit World. This feels like fine hair or a feather brushing your face or hands. Sometimes it is the sensation of a light touch with a hand on your hair or on your shoulder. When this happens, it is best to first see if there is a logical explanation like a breeze blowing or a hair touching your face, but if there are no explanations then you must conclude that this is a visit from a passed loved one or a spirit guide.


Psychometry – The art of feeling energy or emotions from an object or a person.

Psychometry is related to clairsentience and linked to the word “Psyche and metric, which means “soul-measuring”.


When sensing a negative situation, a clairsentient might start to feel poorly – sick – panicky – intense fear – happiness – a foreboding feeling of doom or an excitement – joy – love etc… the list goes on. This can relate to a past memory for yourself or someone who owned the jewellery that you are holding or the hand of a person you are reading for.


Clairalience – Smelling – the psychic sense of smells.


Tobacco, perfume, flowers, freshly baked bread, cigars, mowed grass, coffee, candyfloss or something else that fills your nose with intense smells from the spirit world is known as Clairalience. Again, from the late 17th century the French word Clair (clear) and cognizance is a form of extra-sensory perception.


Claircognizance – knowing


In the field of Parapsychology, Clairvognizance from the late 17th Century French word meaning Clair (Clear) and Cognizance is a form of ESP. A person who can acquire Psychic Knowledge that they have never been taught or heard, but just knows.


Clairgustance – Tasting


In the world of Parapsychology, Clairgustance is defined with ESP (Extra Sensory Perception) allowing someone with this gift to taste something without putting anything in their mouth.


Watching mediums today I feel that they are using a mixture of many of these Gifts together. Blending them to give their clients more information about their past loved ones.



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